Status Himmel X Jordan Himmel

Hey Jordan, so tell me a little bit about yourself & how you got into fashion.

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to NYC 2 years ago for school. I feel I have a very progressive mindset that gets bored easily, so I needed to find a place that could keep up with my brain. I have always had a sense of style, but my reason for entering the fashion world was to simply create, and to progress. Fashion, especially men's, needs a fresh take, and I believe this clothing line presents that.
Explain Status Himmel and the reason behind that title.

I understand people may think off the bat that "status" refers to a social standing I am trying to create or offer. But I chose status because of my last name, Himmel, which in German means heaven. Heaven is personal to every individual, and it's the best of the best that they could hope for. Not what somebody else wants for them. Status Himmel attempts to not take away from the individual, but instead connect with them, and compliment their persona, attitude, and vibes.

 Where did the inspiration for Status Himmel come from?

My inspiration came from attempting to find the perfect shirt that would make picking out your outfit effortless. You have 2 options black or natural, and then 2 options after that, either with a pocket or without. The bottom pieces, which we call "symbols" don't take thought in choosing because wherever you're going, whatever day or night you're trying to have, will tell you which symbol to choose.

What do you define your style as and what influences your design/fashion aesthetic?

I would have to say my style is high fashion with a ton of personality. From the ripped denim to natural cork, I think people can see the elegance in the design, as well as become confused as to how that material got on the bottom of a t-shirt. So I like to think I'm creating a new style, "fresh"

What was the process of creating your own clothing like?

Along the way, the only thing I told every company I purchased materials or labor from was that I wanted the best of the best. I wanted to use the best fabric and best zippers possible. So I ended up with a soy fabric that is beneficial to human skin because of the plant protein, and riri zippers custom made in Switzerland. I wanted to create one perfect T-shirt that you didn't need to debate ever putting on. I also created the "kangaroo T" to fill a missing gap in clothing which is functionality. The kangaroo T features a hidden pocket on the chest that's perfect for holding your phone, wallet, or anything else that needs to be easily accessed.

Model: Christian dion

Model: Christian dion

Who is your favorite designer and why?

I can't say I have a favorite. I'm very picky.

Where do you see yourself after college?

Hopefully still working on Status Himmel and building the vision. I want to keep it about the clothes themselves, and not worry about the money it generates. I have many passion projects I'm hoping I get to work on when I get some free time, one being opening a croissant restaurant.

Model: christian dion

Model: christian dion

If you could be in someone else’s shoes for a day who would it be?

Someone who owns a big private jet. The amount of places I would visit in one day would break records.

Shout out to Jordan for letting me interview him, his stuff is dope! Everyone should check it out!

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