10 Style Items Every Fashionable Guy Should Own


You’re probably familiar with the phrase ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’. Well, as in many things in life, this phrase is quite applicable to fashion and personal sense of style. Yes, your complete outfit is larger than the sum of its parts, but for it to be truly great, there can’t be any weak parts or in this case links. Each and every item a genuinely fashionable man chooses to put on himself day in and day out needs to be as ‘strong’ as the next one, otherwise, the whole thing is essentially ruined – if it’s not perfect, it’s a disaster. Therefore, in order to prevent you from incorporating any ‘weak links’ into your wardrobe, we have compiled a list of items you simply must own. These are the items that will always come through for you and save the day when you feel like you’re in a style rut, so make sure you have them all.

Starting with the obvious choice

This item is so obvious that men tend to forget its power and significance. You can have as many shirts that come in many different patterns, cuts, and collar types – all reflecting your personal sense of style, but what you can’t do, is be without a classic crisp white dress shirt. This baby will be there for you through everything, from business meetings, interviews, and formal occasions to casually polished looks for first dates. When in doubt, go for your organic cotton white shirt as it will never disappoint or clash with other items. While you’re at it, add an Oxford cloth button down as well, as a quality one just gets better with age.

The Perfect Pair


A truly classy man won’t bother with trendy ripped or those god-awful acid washed jeans. No, a classy man knows that these trends are fleeting and don’t say much about a man as everyone with no defined sense of style will jump on any trendy bandwagon. A fashionable man will choose a classic pair of dark jeans for the stroll around London, and he will make sure they fit perfectly. They should be fitted, but not skinny, and always make sure you pick the rise that’s most suitable for your body type.

To any occasion

Every man, regardless of his sense of style, simply needs to own at least one perfect suit. There are weddings to attend, job interviews to go on, and even anniversaries to be celebrated. Heck, you can wear a suit any day of the week when you want to look super-handsome – you don’t need an excuse. You can find high-quality trendy men’s suits in Sydney and every other fashion capital of the world, so hop to it. Both navy and black should be in your wardrobe, but even if you get just one for now, it’s a good start.

I’ll be in my suit and tie


Well, you know where we’re going with this – where there are suits, there are ties, so when shopping for a suit, make sure you snag a great tie as well. The color and pattern should reflect your personality but also your general color palette and, most importantly, suit color, so make sure the tie is perfectly color-coordinated.

Keeping up with a theme

There are numerous types of shoes a man can and should own – loafers, brogues, a pair of Birkenstocks, but the pair you simply can’t be caught without are the black cap-toe oxfords. Reason: they go perfectly with every suit, and you can even wear those dark jeans with them and instantly create a semi-formal outfit.

Mr. Grey


If you don’t have a grey crew sweater, preferably cashmere, you’re doing something wrong. This type of sweater can be dressed up or down, depending on the weather and the occasion. It can be worn with a white dress shirt or alone, with sneakers or shoes, and you will always look polished. Why grey? Because it’s the most neutral as well as expensive-looking color there is, and in grey, you’ll always look like a million bucks.

In the name of athleisure

Whether you’re sporty or not is irrelevant here, because the athleisure trend is here to cater to everyone’s needs and preferences. Therefore, you can always find that perfect pair of sneakers. Tennis shoes are always a great choice as they can be paired with both upscale and casual items, and if you’re looking for something more ‘sporty’, sportswear brands have really gone out of their way with different designs and colors, so take your pick.

Like a movie star


Aside from a guy in a suit, there is a strong possibility that there is nothing more handsome and alluring than a man in a camel coat. This item is an absolute chameleon – it’s there to elevate every outfit without being too loud, and if there is any item that can make a possible ‘weak link’ invisible, it’s this one.  

Not one, but tons

Investing in quality basic tees is probably the smartest thing you can do for your style. Many people go for graphic tees, but as someone who knows better, you will stick with plain white, grey and black shirts that mesh well with everything else you own from sweatpants to chinos, sneakers to oxfords. You will also make sure they’re made from high-quality fabric so you don’t experience the crooked stitching after one wash.

Then there were two


As men don’t generally wear jewelry (but if you do, good for you, just don’t overdo it), they are left with a very small finite number of accessories and the two that are a definite must-have are great sunglasses that flatter your face shape and a quality watch. These two are an investment, but you will wear them forever, which makes them totally worth the price.

This article is a featured guest post written by Peter Minkoff, a lifestyle writer at Men-Ual magazine UK. It was written for www.thesebastiancintron.com and has been edited and approved by Mr. Sebastian Cintron. Feel free to explore his Twitter for more tips.

Suited up in Miami


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re pretty deep into January by now but I hope everyone had a great time during the holidays. I headed down to my hometown of Miami to spend some much needed family time. I always love going down there and trading the cold NYC temperatures for the warm sun. The past few times I’ve gone back home I’ve noticed how nice the Wynwood / Midtown Miami area has been getting. I’ve had the chance to explore the Miami Design District before, but lately they’ve added more stores and construction is still underway for more it seems. It really reminds me of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills except theres a few more streets with stores in Miami. When you’re going for a more polished sophisticated look in warm weather, a lighter colored suit is your best option. I love the color blue and this light baby blue suit exudes freshness and reminds me of the breezy air near the beach. I decided to wear a darker navy blue tie to add a little contrast to the ensemble. The watch im wearing is from Gelfand & Co and it has not left my wrist since I got it. My friends say I look like a real estate agent in these photos LOL! Thanks for reading hope the start of 2018 has been treating everyone well. 






Three day weekends roll around every once in a while, and when they do it's always great to take full advantage of them. One of my favorite things to do when one arises is to go on a short weekend getaway. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, it can be something quick and nearby. I just feel like it's enjoyable to escape for a bit and unwind. I spent Columbus Day weekend in the DMV (D.C/Maryland/Virginia) area, after my friend Chloe invited a few people to spend the weekend with her in her hometown. The last time I was down in that area I was 14 and with my school on a field trip. Years later I got to revisit everything I once saw and take pictures of course. Surprisingly it was fairly warm considering it's the beginning of October, so shorts were my go-to the whole weekend. 

Thank you for reading!





Okay you guys so I have been on a roll with the music festivals this summer. I remember looking back before summer even started I was hoping that I got to attend a cool music festival sometime during the summer. Now summer is almost over and I just came back from Made In America in Philly! This one happened so spontaneously! About a month ago, Sprint, which is my cellphone provider held a special for their customers where they were offering the music streaming app Tidal free for 6 months. I am a sprint customer and always wanted to try Tidal so I was like okay this is dope why not. When I went to the Sprint store to get the free trial of Tidal I was informed that I was also eligible to win tickets to Made In America in Philadelphia during Labor Day Weekend. I didn't put much thought into but then a few weeks ago I was informed that I had won the tickets.

Around this time, one of my high school best friends Ellen was staying with me while she was visiting New York for a few days. I asked her if she wanted to come with me to Philly and go to this music festival and immediately she said yes and extended her trip. Ellen is one of the most "down af" friends that I have and it's one of the many reasons I love her lol! Long story short we had the best time at Made In America even though it rained for part of the weekend. We put on a poncho and made the best of it. The lineup was INSANE! We saw the one and only Cardi B perform, 21 Savage, Migos, Marshmellow, Kaskade, The Chainsmokers, Jay-Z, and many others.

Ah what a time! Legit sooo much fun! I wish I could do it all over again :P

Panorama Music Festival - NYC


Just when I thought Governors Ball was going to be the only music festival I attended this summer, HP came through with Panorama Music festival passes. Being that this is the first summer I spend in New York I have been so excited about all of the festivals and happenings around town throughout the summer and I'm glad I got the opportunity to go this one as well. One of my favorite things about music festivals other than the music of course, are the vibes. If you've ever been to a music festival you know exactly what I am talking about. There is just a certain vibe that festivals have and it is such an amazing feeling. Another thing I love is getting to dress in festival attire. Sometimes the attire can vary by festival but overall, you can't go wrong with a laid back, chill, fun, outfit. I had this cool tie-dye shirt laying around and Panorama was the perfect time to let it shine. The bandana I'm wearing that says "Thriving," which by the way is exactly how I was feeling, was custom made at one of the HP tents. The cool thing about Panorama Music Festival and the fact they are sponsored by HP is that they don't just have musical performances and food trucks, they also have awesome technology installations throughout. One of the tents allowed festival goers to make their own custom bandanas and take cool photo booth pictures. This day I saw MGMT, Tyler The Creator, Solange Knowles, and Frank Ocean perform for the first time. It was such a fun day and I'm super grateful for the opportunity.


Hey guys long time no talk! I know it's been a minute.. JK! A minute is an understatement of how long I have not updated you guys. The truth is, there has been so much going on lately. It's my first summer in NYC & between my regular job, internship, social life, and everything in between I feel like I have not stopped. There is so much I need to catch up on and I definitely will over time.

For now, I need to fill you all in on my lastest Men's fashion week shenanigans. Can you believe this was my 4th season attending? It baffles me sometimes when I think about it. Each season always brings something new and excited to the table and it's great to see how it differentiates from the last.

Day 1:

I couldn't attend the first official day because I had an important day at my internship and could not miss. So my day 1 was technically day 2 of men's week but I know you guys get it. For my outfit choice, I decided to pay homage to one my faves, King Kylie! I felt like the shirt from her Kylie Pop Up Shop that my best friend Katryna got me for my birthday deserved a day out. I decided to dress it up a bit with some smart cropped pants and black dress shoes but at the same time I felt like I needed an extra layer. It was too hot to wear a jacket so the denim buttoned down worked just fine. Pictured below are shots from the Death To Tennis presentation and Patrik Ervell show. The Death To Tennis presentation was definitely a concept considering all the models had their phones and were live steaming and taking selfies of themselves as the audience took pictures of them. Later that night, there was a Carlos Campos after party at The Jimmy at The James Hotel, but it was a flop if we are being honest. The location was great and the DJ was spinning Hispanic music which I LOVE, but there was no air conditioning, no drinks & the party itself could have been better. My friends and I ended up going to The Standard to end our night. Nothing too crazy, because I had to wake up early for the next days events.

Day 2:

My day 2 but the 3rd day of Men's Week was probably my favorite of the entire week. The weather was ridiculous which is why most of my shirt was unbuttoned but I was definitely feeling myself & my outfit either way. I going for a preppy European summer vibe with the striped shirt, rolled up beige pants, and penny loafers. After a presentation at the Cadillac House some fellow blogger, photographer friends, and I caught up over some lunch at Westville. If you've ever attended NYFW you're familiar with Westville because it's literally right across the street from where most of the shows take place. Later that day I attended the Ovadia & Sons show, and if you're wondering if I had an invite to that one, I didn't, but you know I finessed it LOL. The Ovadia brothers always kill it and I was not about to miss out. That night there was a Parke & Ronen After Party at Gilded Lily and I knew I couldn't miss that either. I was looking forward to it all day especially because Gilded Lily is a "poppin" club and if a fashion week after party is held there you already know it's going to be a good time. I wasn't wrong. It was a blast and the fact most of my friends were present as well made it even better. This party 100% made up for the mess that was the night before LOL.

Day 3: 

Ok so day 3 was probably the busiest day of week. It was the last day and everyone always wants to make it count. I started off with the Raun Larose presentation. There was a black transparent jacket that really caught everyone’s attention and it definitely caught my eye as well. For this day I decided to be a bit more casual yet trendy and wear a DHL shirt. I wore it with some cropped pants and Adidas Stan Smiths. After that we headed over to a swim suit brand that I honestly forgot the name of. Regardless it encouraged me to start hitting the gym more often. Next, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a nearby deli because we literally had NO time and we needed to get to the next location ASAP. I even had an outfit change in between. LOL. I changed into some fire sweatpants and a silk white t shirt. I layered up with an aluminum-like rain jacket which served it’s purpose because at this time it started to drizzle. I’m usually never that person but sometimes you just have to step outside your comfort zone and try new things right? We arrived at the Theory presentation and I was definitely the most extra person in the room compared to everyone else. I got some looks here and there but a lot of people told me my fit was fire hahah. Afterwards, we headed to the Dream Hotel to catch the Grungy Gentlemen show. Following that, we rushed back to Skylight for the C2H4 show. It was a packed house but the show was great and had a intergalactic space theme to it. The collection was called Zero Gravity which definitely reflected the clothing vibe. To close out the night we headed to the Rochambeau presentation at The Cadillac House which turned out to be more of a party than an actual presentation. All of the models were basically just turning up and dancing to the music that was playing. It was a really great time, the music was “lit”, and there was even a performance by Yung Jake. If you have me on snapchat I’m sure you saw what went down. 

Cheers to another great season. Can't wait for September!  

Thanks for reading!  

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Fourth of July On Governors Island


Hey everyone! Hope you all had an amazing fourth of July holiday spent with friends and family. For me, this was my first fourth of July spending it in New York City and I really wasn't sure what I was going to be doing but I was still very excited. I ended up going to Governors Island for the first time to a festival my great friend Kirsten invited me to. If you know me you know I love a good music festival #festivalseason! We had to take a ferry from the financial district which was fun because the NYC skyline looked spectacular as we left Manhattan towards the Island. At the festival we got super lucky because we were located on a raised platform super close to the stage. It was so lit! You guys have no idea haha like our spot couldn't have been any better and the vibes were incredible. Tiesto was headlining so that was UNREAL, but we also saw Cheat Codes and some other Dj's that were great as well. As the afternoon progressed and turned into evening, fireworks began to light up the sky above the stage. It was like one of those iconic movie moments! Such a great time! Shoutout to my amazing friend Kirsten for the invite super thankful. 

Governors Ball Music Festival


Ah.... Governor's Ball. No clue why they call it Governor's Ball considering it's held on Randall's Island and not Governor's Island. Either way, if you are familiar you know it's basically the Coachella of the East coast. For many New Yorkers and people of the North East in general - who couldn't make it out west for Coachella- this is basically it. I was super stoked to be going to Gov Ball precisely because I couldn't go to Coachella this year and was lacking a recent music festival experience. It was my first time attending the ball and my first time going to a music festival with artist passes. I have to say that the artist passes really came in clutch. As you can tell from the pictures, I had a great perspective during sets and had the chance to see the performances up close. Some of my favorites were Mac Demarco, Franz Ferdinand, and Wiz Khalifa. We had access to the artist village area backstage and I got to meet Logic which was pretty cool. I absolutely love music festivals and had a blast during my first Governors Ball. Hoping I get to go again next year ;) 

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Loosie's Kitchen Brunch


Oh when bloggers get together for brunch.. Sometimes we can be so annoying when we go out with friends or family and do the most just to get the perfect shot. I feel like we even hold ourselves back sometimes just because we don’t want to embarrass the people we are with. Well when bloggers get together it’s a whole different story. There is no shame in the game. A while ago we went to brunch at Loosie’s Kitchen in Williamsburg. I love brunch because breakfast food is my favorite food and I don’t have to worry about it being past a certain time to be able to get it. I had the fried chicken and waffles shown above and shared the Nutella beignets. I loved the combination of the savory fried chicken with the sweet waffle and maple syrup drizzled on top. SO GOOD! I feel like the pictures came out great that it definitely does the meal justice because it tasted just as good as it looked. P.S They have marble tables.. #aesthetics #instaworthy 

Incase y'all were wondering no this post or the meal was not sponsored. All thoughts & opinions are my own.


Oia, Santorini - Greece Travel | Balling On A College Student Budget


Ah, finally the long overdue Santorini blog post. If you've been keeping up with me on Instagram and Snapchat you've already seen a few pictures and videos but now I'm happy to be sharing this moment here with you guys.

People often have perceptions of places and when they visit, things aren't exactly how they imagined them to be. For example Disneyland and the long rides, the Mona Lisa and the crowd of people wanting to take a photo etc. etc. For me, Santorini was everything I imagined it to be and more. I don't want to keep boring you guys with the cheesiness so I'm just going to jump right into how my trip went down.

After a lot of saving to travel and study abroad, a group of friends and I with a common wish of visiting Santorini decided to make the trip happen. Before we knew it, the airbnb was reserved, flights booked, and we were off to the land of white and blue! We stayed in the most amazing Villa with the traditional cave-like aesthetic. We had pebble-floored showers, 2 jacuzzi's and a rooftop dining area.

You guys are probably wondering how in the world we afforded such a place. Well it was a rented home that we found on airbnb and we split it amongst 12 people which made it way cheaper than getting multiple hotel rooms. #BallingOnABudget! This was a great perk of traveling in a large group and yes everyone got their own beds to sleep in. In a way, it felt like an episode of Jersey Shore, especially when we all got into the jacuzzi's and blasted music at 1am LOL.

Santorini is a fairly small island but if you aren't specifically in the Oia or Fira towns and you want to travel around the island you might want to consider renting an ATV (4 wheel motorcycle) which was what we did! Yes you can rent cars or take the bus, but chasing the sunset on an ATV is more enjoyable anyway. #IslandVibes! We got 6 in total and rode in pairs.  After splitting the costs it all came down to about $35 per person for the entire week. Not bad at all!

When we weren't relaxing in our villa, roaming around the island on our 4 wheelers, or finding new places to eat, we headed down to the black sanded beach of Perissa. My favortie part of the beach is that the "sand" is actually really small black pebbles so you don't get that annoying feeling of sand sticking to your feet. Another highlight of the trip was exploring Oia which is pronounced (E-Ah). This is the picturesque village shown in literally every single postcard with the blue dome churches and all.

They say the best sunsets in the world are seen here and I can definitely see why after experiencing it for myself. Such an incredible moment having the opportunity to be there and witness it with my very own eyes. Like many people, Santorini has been on my bucket list for the longest time. I vividly remember being a small kid looking at travel magazines and pictures of Greece dreaming that one day I'd get to go. Eventually, I did get to visit Greece on a family vacation while in middle school, but the cruise ship we were on stopped everywhere EXCEPT Santorini. Please let me know how you miss the main place. Oh well..... That was a bummer, but I couldn't complain because the rest of the country was extremely beautiful and I knew I'd be back one day to fulfill my Oia-Santorini goal.

Fast forward to now that I am in college and boom that dream came true! I'm getting chills writing this because I'm remembering the feeling I felt while I was there. Santorini was the most spectacular place I've ever had the opportunity to visit. Being there was so surreal. With that being said, I just wanted to mention that everything in life is obtainable. You too can make your dreams come true and I hope that this serves as motivation for many of you to just get up and go do whatever it is that you've been wanting to for so long. Don't let money stop you because as you can see, there are ways to make it work!

Thank you so much for reading!

If you have any questions regarding the trip and my experience or anything in general feel free to drop them down below. P.S. This trip was in no way sponsored and be sure to stay on the look out for a video coming soon on my youtube channel. :)


New York Fashion Week Mens Essentials: What to Pack


Ah! NYFW season is finally here and the Mens shows for Fall/Winter 2017 have officially begun. After spending some time at home and studying abroad it feels great to be back in New York and just in time for my third season of NYFW. Although I am definitely not an expert, there are a few things I know you have to keep in mind when packing for NYFW and attending the shows.

One thing is certain and we can all agree that clothes are an obvious requirement, but during this freezing time of year you need a nice warm coat. It's kind of a struggle, I know... because everyone wants to dress to impress but then they have to bundle up for the weather and as a result, nobody really sees what's underneath. Find yourself a coat you can make a statement in or have fun with some scarves. Let's be real, everyone wants to get photographed entering and leaving the shows.

Depending on personal preference, you might want to bring a camera along with you. Sure some people might have their personal photographers with them and others make do with their iPhone, but if you want your own HQ photos just bring a camera. Besides, we all know battery life can be an issue.

Also, there is no way you are going to NYFW without posting something on social media are you kidding!? If you're like me and you're constantly on the phone and an oversharer you definitely understand the struggle. You NEED an external battery pack for jammed packed days of running around the city catching the next show or after party. Good thing you can find them for the low on Ebay or Amazon. You're Welcome.

With busy days and enticing after parties, the chances of you getting a good nights sleep during NYFW is slim to none. That's why you need some shades. Have an extra early show and regret staying out too late the night before? You need some shades! Find a great pair so you can step out of the Uber and confidently step into Skylight Clarkson Square like last night didn't happen.

Now with so many exciting things happening all at once and all the cool people you are bound to meet everywhere, you cannot forget business cards. Everyone is on the go with places to be and sometimes giving someone a cool card is easier than exchanging information over loud music and clatter. Chances are they probably have some too. Woohoo, Networking!

Last but not least, you need a place to carry everything right? Yes, women might have purses and large bags but men can never go wrong with a nice leather backpack. Depending on your outfit you can even bring a small weekender bag or a briefcase. Whatever your carrying methods might be, you won't regret having a place to put all of your essentials.

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GQ's Most Stylish Man 2016 | Thoughts & Opinions End of Round 1

Every year GQ Magazine rounds up some of the most stylish men out there for people to vote as The Most Stylish Man. As 2016 nears its close, the battle for the title heats up. What started off with 64 men is now down to 16 and will continue to narrow down throughout the next couple of days. Here are my top picks from the 16 that should move on to the next round. Who will ultimately take the win though? Hopefully it's one of my picks! What do you think?

John Mayer - I feel like John Mayer doesn't even try and still looks comfortably hip.

Mark Ronson - This DJ/Producer doesn't play when it comes to suits even if it might not mean business.

Jared Leto - Although previously the worst dressed man in the world according to GQ, he seems to be switching it up lately.

Jaden Smith - Admirable for his bold fashion sense such as wearing women's pieces and totally rocking it. 

Lucky Blue Smith - Something about his style just gives off a cool nostalgic classical feeling.

Luka Sabbat - Can't forget this NY Street Style "It" Boy. You've probably seen many trying to imitate him.

Helping Parents Search for Their New Vehicle!

As much fun as running around in dealerships and playing inside the cars in the showroom was when I was younger, I really disliked going with my parents to get new cars. Growing up I remember the few times we did have to go to the dealership and the crazy amount of time that would be spent there as my parents tried to figure everything out. Part of me felt cool being there with them and assisting with the car pick, however, I always got bored really quickly. This in turn, resulted in mischief and my falling asleep inside the display cars LOL. Fast forward several years and my parents are due for an upgrade.

Car shopping can be a bit stressful and rather than go through the tedious process, I have recommended Capital One's Auto Navigator system to help them with the task. With the Capital One Auto Navigator site you can see if you pre-qualify for auto financing, "test drive" your financing options, look at different term lengths, prices, vehicles, and more. What's cool is that they will be able to search through over 12,000 dealerships' inventory by make, model, price, and see an estimated monthly payment as well as the APR on the cars that they choose. All of this saving them time, energy, trips to the dealership, and it doesn’t even affect their credit score at all.  

Although I’m not heading over to dealerships with them anymore, I still feel cool and helpful telling them about this great tool that will aid them in their car search. My parents have assisted me with so much throughout my life and this is just the least I could do. Really looking forward to seeing their car selection and the next member of our family. If you or anyone you might know are ever on the search feel free to visit http://captl1.co/2esc4tM for more information and an effortless car shopping experience.

In partnership with Capital One, all opinions expressed, however, are my own.


Weekend in Amsterdam


What's up guys! I'm back with another post, this time about a weekend trip I took to Amsterdam! I know.. I know what everyone's thinking.... Amsterdam? *Insert moon & eyes emoji*  The interesting part is that this was actually my second time visiting. As crazy as it may sound, my first time visiting was with my grandma LOL. It was back during the summer of 2014 and little did I know then that I would be returning to the city of bikes two years later. I was 17 at the time and on a family vacation but it was still a really great time.
I loved how walkable the city is, the canals, and the vibes. Fast forward to now as a 19 year old study abroad student and my views have not changed. When the opportunity to return presented itself I decided why not take it and see how different my experience would be as college student and with other people my age. It was still a really great time even though I did not partake in certain activities that my peers were interested in because you know.... your boy Sebastian isn't about that life. It's okay though, because I got to visit the Vangough museum and explore the city a little bit more. Amsterdam is a beautiful city with so much to do other than the stereotypical shenanigans it is known for. Here are some pictures from my weekend in Amsterdam!

P.S. I've been uploading a lot more frequently on my youtube channel now so you guys should definitely check it out.

Thanks for reading, hope everyone has a great week!


Life Moves Pretty Fast - Searching for Wheels Journey

Time goes by so fast! It's literally almost scary to think about how quickly life is moving. I feel like it was just the other day I started this blog and graduated high school. I mean it wasn't that long ago, but at the same time I never expected to be here in this moment this fast. I also remember what it was like waiting what seemed like an eternity to turn 15 and take my permit test. Not only that, but also having to wait until I was 16 to receive my actual driver's license.

When I found out I was moving to New York for college, my dreams of driving my own car were crushed because I knew that living in New York meant a car wasn't really necessary. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love living here, but I miss the feeling of being able to drive myself anywhere whenever I want and not have to rely on public transportation.

As time rushes by, college graduation is quickly approaching and I actually can't believe I'm saying that LOL! The thought of jumping into the real world and having to figure out my future already begins to stress me out. Of course, it's exciting but there are so many things I have to start thinking about and you know life isn't easy. One of those things is the place I will reside after graduation and my method of transportation. Car shopping can be quite stressful, especially having to think about financing fresh out of college.

Luckily, Capital One's Auto Navigator site has been making my future car buying experience a breeze! With the Capital One Auto Navigator site you can see if you pre-qualify for auto financing, "test drive" your financing options, look at different term lengths, prices, vehicles, and more. What's cool is that you can search through over 12,000 dealerships' inventory by make, model, price, and see an estimated monthly payment as well as APR on the cars that you choose. You save time, energy, and it doesn't affect your credit score.

Even though life after college is quickly approaching, I feel better about having to do things on my own and have some weight of my shoulders thanks to the Capital One Auto Navigator site. I really can't wait to finally be driving my own car! If you are ever on the search feel free to visit http://captl1.co/2esc4tM for more information and a simple car shopping experience.

In partnership with Capital One all opinions expressed, however, are my own.


M O N T E C A R L O - Monaco (3/3)


Once upon on a time there was an extravagant place filled with every luxury you could possibly imagine. A place where Ferrari's and Rolls Royces were bountiful throughout the land. A place where 1 in every 3 people are millionaires. Nope, this isn't a fairy tale or a dream, this is Monaco. Considered to be the smallest country in the world (if you don't count The Vatican) located near the south of France alongside the Mediterranean.

I have always dreamed about one day visiting Monte Carlo, Monaco. I had read about its existence and seen pictures of it in the European magazines my grandma reads, but I couldn't believe it was an actual place. The port itself was unlike anything I have ever seen before docked only with gigantic yachts, the biggest in the world. Some larger than the size of a house. #Goals! Lets not forget about the roars of Lambo's and opulent sports cars you hear as they speed through the entire city. As if it couldn't get any better, high end stores, hotels, and the infamous Monte Carlo casino are right at your disposal. All of this in a picture perfect hillside coast with magnificent views and cotton candy sunsets.

If the bougie deep down of you isn't LIVING then why are you even in Monaco? Being there was so surreal and I felt like I was walking in a place my mind had made up. I hate to sound like a materialistic, lavish obsessed snob but I really enjoyed visiting Monaco and seeing how the top percentile of the world lived. It served as motivation to keep working hard because anything is truly obtainable. Everyone has different goals and often times we think they are too far of a reach and are only realistic in our dreams but being in Monaco reminded me that, that isn't always the case. If you can dream it you can achieve it!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and reading about my visit to Monaco. It really felt like a fictitious land but the fact that it wasn't and an actual place like Monaco exists really put things into perspective for me. On that note, remember to never give up because ANYTHING is possible.



London, UK

Photographed by: Wandy Ortiz

Photographed by: Wandy Ortiz

Photographed by: Wandy Ortiz

Photographed by: Wandy Ortiz


Cheers lads! Another trip means another article. I've been traveling so much lately and I absolutely love it. I have a constant wanderlust and being in Europe satisfies it because I get to travel somewhere new every weekend during my time off from school. At the beginning of September I returned to London after 2 years and my experience was everything and more. I fell in love the first time and knew I had to come back during my time abroad. Yes we visited some of the staples in London, but I was extra excited because I got to explore more than I did the first time. I went back to the London Eye because I am a sucker for a good view and my friends had never been before, and after visiting the other essentials like the Buckingham Palace and Big Ben (which is actually called the Elizabeth Tower) we had time to do some extra meandering.

On one of the days we started off with traditional English breakfast and tea at the iconic Dorchester Hotel. Everything was so exquisite and I felt so bougie with the grandiose table setting and food presentation. We continued the upscale shenanigans walking around the Kensington neighborhood and visiting all the high-end stores including Harrods and of course Burberry. The Burberry store in London was out of this world and made me wish I could buy the entire store. Later on we did some more walking around the picadilly, oxford & regent areas before making our way to Abbey Road. It took us a good 30-40 minutes to attempt the perfect Beatles photo amidst oncoming cars and tons of other tourists wanting to do the same. Our walk didn't even come out synchronized but it's still a decent photo haha! It was such a jam packed trip, which I'm really happy about because we got to do and see a lot. We ate some fish & chips, saw Shakespeares Globe Theater, took a boat tour down the Thames River, went clubbing, and even visited the King's Cross Station for our Harry Potter movie moment.

Overall, I had such a great time in London. It was just as amazing and gloomy as I remembered. Something about the weather makes me love it even more for some strange reason. I especially cherish the old English aesthetic yet very modern vibe the city has. London it's been real and you will have a special place in my heart even if I almost died 234028 times when crossing the street because of the opposite lanes and different driving side situation.


N I C E - South of France (2/3)



Hey guys I'm back with part 2 of my south of France journey. This time it's all about NICE! There are so many beautiful "Villes" in the south of France and Nice is one of those that I wanted to visit while being down there. Everyone kept expressing their concern over me wanting to go and kept asking if the situation was all right (regarding to the situation in Nice a couple of months back). What occurred was a tragedy, but that was months ago and I wasn't going to let that scare me from visiting.

From Cannes, we took a quick and inexpensive train ride to Nice. In total it was 20-30 minutes for about 5 euros,which was not bad at all. Once there, we all decided to walk around for a bit before heading towards the ocean. We passed by the many shops around, the water park, as well as Vieux-Nice which means old Nice. There were so many colorful buildings which was really great to see compared to Paris where they all seem to share color. We also had some Tapas at a restaurant near the ocean which was such a great idea. After all that walking it was a great relaxing break with an amazing vibe.

The highlight of my visit to Nice, however, was climbing to the top of Chateau de Nice and seeing the city from above. I can't even describe how amazing the view was. I really hope the pictures do it justice. There were two options to get to the top. The elevator or the stairs, which were both free, so we took advantage and went up via elevator and came down the stairs. We ended up spending a good hour at the top just admiring the views and the gorgeous water of the Cote d'Azur. Without a doubt, you bet I had to take some bomb pictures up at the top. I am literally that annoying friend that stops every 5 seconds in random spots to take pictures, snap, and vlog. I can't help it!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures above! There will be definitely be a vlog about my South of France adventures coming soon on youtube. Stay tuned! Until next time....



C A N N E S - South of France (1/3)

PC: Valerie belizaire

PC: Valerie belizaire

Pc: Valerie belizaire

Pc: Valerie belizaire

PC: valerie belizaire

PC: valerie belizaire


The real reason I have been in Europe, particularly in Paris, is because I am studying abroad for the semester! Surprise! Everything has been happening so quick. One minute my semester in NY ended, the next I'm working full time during my summer internship, and now I'm living in Europe fulfilling my dreams of being a temporary Parisian world traveler.

The way my class schedule is set up is fantastic because it gives us Friday off, turning the weekend conveniently into a 3-day one. This is perfect to take advantage and go on weekend trips to nearby cities/countries. You know me, taking advantage of every opportunity I can get is my specialty, so I was definitely going to be out and about each weekend. The first weekend after class had started, I decided to hit the South of France since it was early September and I didn't want to wait long before the temperature began to drop.

La Cote d'Azur has been on my bucket list for years and my first stop in the French Riviera was Cannes - The city most known for it's international film festival. Once in Cannes after a flight to Marseilles and a couple of buses/trains later, our day kicked off with the beach. Cannes is such small town everything is literally walking distance and our hotel - although not on Boulevard de La Croisette - was a quick 5 minute walk from the beach. Near the water there are tons of bougie private lounge areas where you can pay for beach chairs and umbrellas or grab a bite to eat. Naturally, us college students opted for the free public option and simply laid down on our towels in the sand instead.

Cannes' iconic Boulevard de La Croisette is great to meander and soak in the luxury of your surroundings. It was like a classier version of Ocean Drive in Miami filled with expensive cars, attractive people, high end shops, and of course hotels. After some aimless walking and staring at the things I wish I could own, we walked by the Port de Cannes to look at the yachts and water. The view was really nice and granted I had to take pictures by the rocks. Shout out to my friend Valerie Belizaire for the shots.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this first part out of 3 of my South of France adventure! I also visited Nice & Monaco so i'll be making a post about that as well soon.

Till next time!


Chateau de Versailles


Hey guys I'm in PARIS!! In case you didn't already know from my posts on Instagram, which very well means you guys need to follow me on there (sebascintron). I have to update you all on what has been happening and why I am in Paris. In the mean time, while I make a post about that, here are some photos from last week when I went to Chateau de Versailles.

This was my second time visiting the Palace of Versailles. My first being 2 years ago when I came to Paris for the first time with my family. Being back here again very much reminded me of the time I came with them and it still did not fail to excite me. There is definitely something grandiose about being inside and walking around the Palace where the Kings and Queens of France once lived.

Everything about this palace is insane! The gold detail that seemed to be on every single thing, the chandeliers and art pieces that hung in every room, and of course the Hall of Mirrors which is too tempting to not take a selfie in. If you went to Versailles and didn't take a selfie in the Hall of Mirrors did you really go to Versailles?! Not to mention the gardens behind the palace which go on for miles and miles with perfect precision gardening.

Hope you enjoyed the photos above. I really wanted to dress nice and formal to take bomb pictures for you guys at the one and only palace of Versailles, but the day was scorching hot to layer up. I'm really glad I did not wear a blazer like I was originally planning to, especially after walking through the gardens for what seemed like an eternity.  Either way, I was lowkey feeling myself walking through the corridors of the palace pretending as if I was someone royal HAHA!

Thanks for reading, will update more on my adventures in Paris soon!