Chateau de Versailles


Hey guys I'm in PARIS!! In case you didn't already know from my posts on Instagram, which very well means you guys need to follow me on there (sebascintron). I have to update you all on what has been happening and why I am in Paris. In the mean time, while I make a post about that, here are some photos from last week when I went to Chateau de Versailles.

This was my second time visiting the Palace of Versailles. My first being 2 years ago when I came to Paris for the first time with my family. Being back here again very much reminded me of the time I came with them and it still did not fail to excite me. There is definitely something grandiose about being inside and walking around the Palace where the Kings and Queens of France once lived.

Everything about this palace is insane! The gold detail that seemed to be on every single thing, the chandeliers and art pieces that hung in every room, and of course the Hall of Mirrors which is too tempting to not take a selfie in. If you went to Versailles and didn't take a selfie in the Hall of Mirrors did you really go to Versailles?! Not to mention the gardens behind the palace which go on for miles and miles with perfect precision gardening.

Hope you enjoyed the photos above. I really wanted to dress nice and formal to take bomb pictures for you guys at the one and only palace of Versailles, but the day was scorching hot to layer up. I'm really glad I did not wear a blazer like I was originally planning to, especially after walking through the gardens for what seemed like an eternity.  Either way, I was lowkey feeling myself walking through the corridors of the palace pretending as if I was someone royal HAHA!

Thanks for reading, will update more on my adventures in Paris soon!