Suited up in Miami


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re pretty deep into January by now but I hope everyone had a great time during the holidays. I headed down to my hometown of Miami to spend some much needed family time. I always love going down there and trading the cold NYC temperatures for the warm sun. The past few times I’ve gone back home I’ve noticed how nice the Wynwood / Midtown Miami area has been getting. I’ve had the chance to explore the Miami Design District before, but lately they’ve added more stores and construction is still underway for more it seems. It really reminds me of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills except theres a few more streets with stores in Miami. When you’re going for a more polished sophisticated look in warm weather, a lighter colored suit is your best option. I love the color blue and this light baby blue suit exudes freshness and reminds me of the breezy air near the beach. I decided to wear a darker navy blue tie to add a little contrast to the ensemble. The watch im wearing is from Gelfand & Co and it has not left my wrist since I got it. My friends say I look like a real estate agent in these photos LOL! Thanks for reading hope the start of 2018 has been treating everyone well. 






Three day weekends roll around every once in a while, and when they do it's always great to take full advantage of them. One of my favorite things to do when one arises is to go on a short weekend getaway. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, it can be something quick and nearby. I just feel like it's enjoyable to escape for a bit and unwind. I spent Columbus Day weekend in the DMV (D.C/Maryland/Virginia) area, after my friend Chloe invited a few people to spend the weekend with her in her hometown. The last time I was down in that area I was 14 and with my school on a field trip. Years later I got to revisit everything I once saw and take pictures of course. Surprisingly it was fairly warm considering it's the beginning of October, so shorts were my go-to the whole weekend. 

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Okay you guys so I have been on a roll with the music festivals this summer. I remember looking back before summer even started I was hoping that I got to attend a cool music festival sometime during the summer. Now summer is almost over and I just came back from Made In America in Philly! This one happened so spontaneously! About a month ago, Sprint, which is my cellphone provider held a special for their customers where they were offering the music streaming app Tidal free for 6 months. I am a sprint customer and always wanted to try Tidal so I was like okay this is dope why not. When I went to the Sprint store to get the free trial of Tidal I was informed that I was also eligible to win tickets to Made In America in Philadelphia during Labor Day Weekend. I didn't put much thought into but then a few weeks ago I was informed that I had won the tickets.

Around this time, one of my high school best friends Ellen was staying with me while she was visiting New York for a few days. I asked her if she wanted to come with me to Philly and go to this music festival and immediately she said yes and extended her trip. Ellen is one of the most "down af" friends that I have and it's one of the many reasons I love her lol! Long story short we had the best time at Made In America even though it rained for part of the weekend. We put on a poncho and made the best of it. The lineup was INSANE! We saw the one and only Cardi B perform, 21 Savage, Migos, Marshmellow, Kaskade, The Chainsmokers, Jay-Z, and many others.

Ah what a time! Legit sooo much fun! I wish I could do it all over again :P

Governors Ball Music Festival


Ah.... Governor's Ball. No clue why they call it Governor's Ball considering it's held on Randall's Island and not Governor's Island. Either way, if you are familiar you know it's basically the Coachella of the East coast. For many New Yorkers and people of the North East in general - who couldn't make it out west for Coachella- this is basically it. I was super stoked to be going to Gov Ball precisely because I couldn't go to Coachella this year and was lacking a recent music festival experience. It was my first time attending the ball and my first time going to a music festival with artist passes. I have to say that the artist passes really came in clutch. As you can tell from the pictures, I had a great perspective during sets and had the chance to see the performances up close. Some of my favorites were Mac Demarco, Franz Ferdinand, and Wiz Khalifa. We had access to the artist village area backstage and I got to meet Logic which was pretty cool. I absolutely love music festivals and had a blast during my first Governors Ball. Hoping I get to go again next year ;) 

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Oia, Santorini - Greece Travel | Balling On A College Student Budget


Ah, finally the long overdue Santorini blog post. If you've been keeping up with me on Instagram and Snapchat you've already seen a few pictures and videos but now I'm happy to be sharing this moment here with you guys.

People often have perceptions of places and when they visit, things aren't exactly how they imagined them to be. For example Disneyland and the long rides, the Mona Lisa and the crowd of people wanting to take a photo etc. etc. For me, Santorini was everything I imagined it to be and more. I don't want to keep boring you guys with the cheesiness so I'm just going to jump right into how my trip went down.

After a lot of saving to travel and study abroad, a group of friends and I with a common wish of visiting Santorini decided to make the trip happen. Before we knew it, the airbnb was reserved, flights booked, and we were off to the land of white and blue! We stayed in the most amazing Villa with the traditional cave-like aesthetic. We had pebble-floored showers, 2 jacuzzi's and a rooftop dining area.

You guys are probably wondering how in the world we afforded such a place. Well it was a rented home that we found on airbnb and we split it amongst 12 people which made it way cheaper than getting multiple hotel rooms. #BallingOnABudget! This was a great perk of traveling in a large group and yes everyone got their own beds to sleep in. In a way, it felt like an episode of Jersey Shore, especially when we all got into the jacuzzi's and blasted music at 1am LOL.

Santorini is a fairly small island but if you aren't specifically in the Oia or Fira towns and you want to travel around the island you might want to consider renting an ATV (4 wheel motorcycle) which was what we did! Yes you can rent cars or take the bus, but chasing the sunset on an ATV is more enjoyable anyway. #IslandVibes! We got 6 in total and rode in pairs.  After splitting the costs it all came down to about $35 per person for the entire week. Not bad at all!

When we weren't relaxing in our villa, roaming around the island on our 4 wheelers, or finding new places to eat, we headed down to the black sanded beach of Perissa. My favortie part of the beach is that the "sand" is actually really small black pebbles so you don't get that annoying feeling of sand sticking to your feet. Another highlight of the trip was exploring Oia which is pronounced (E-Ah). This is the picturesque village shown in literally every single postcard with the blue dome churches and all.

They say the best sunsets in the world are seen here and I can definitely see why after experiencing it for myself. Such an incredible moment having the opportunity to be there and witness it with my very own eyes. Like many people, Santorini has been on my bucket list for the longest time. I vividly remember being a small kid looking at travel magazines and pictures of Greece dreaming that one day I'd get to go. Eventually, I did get to visit Greece on a family vacation while in middle school, but the cruise ship we were on stopped everywhere EXCEPT Santorini. Please let me know how you miss the main place. Oh well..... That was a bummer, but I couldn't complain because the rest of the country was extremely beautiful and I knew I'd be back one day to fulfill my Oia-Santorini goal.

Fast forward to now that I am in college and boom that dream came true! I'm getting chills writing this because I'm remembering the feeling I felt while I was there. Santorini was the most spectacular place I've ever had the opportunity to visit. Being there was so surreal. With that being said, I just wanted to mention that everything in life is obtainable. You too can make your dreams come true and I hope that this serves as motivation for many of you to just get up and go do whatever it is that you've been wanting to for so long. Don't let money stop you because as you can see, there are ways to make it work!

Thank you so much for reading!

If you have any questions regarding the trip and my experience or anything in general feel free to drop them down below. P.S. This trip was in no way sponsored and be sure to stay on the look out for a video coming soon on my youtube channel. :)


Weekend in Amsterdam


What's up guys! I'm back with another post, this time about a weekend trip I took to Amsterdam! I know.. I know what everyone's thinking.... Amsterdam? *Insert moon & eyes emoji*  The interesting part is that this was actually my second time visiting. As crazy as it may sound, my first time visiting was with my grandma LOL. It was back during the summer of 2014 and little did I know then that I would be returning to the city of bikes two years later. I was 17 at the time and on a family vacation but it was still a really great time.
I loved how walkable the city is, the canals, and the vibes. Fast forward to now as a 19 year old study abroad student and my views have not changed. When the opportunity to return presented itself I decided why not take it and see how different my experience would be as college student and with other people my age. It was still a really great time even though I did not partake in certain activities that my peers were interested in because you know.... your boy Sebastian isn't about that life. It's okay though, because I got to visit the Vangough museum and explore the city a little bit more. Amsterdam is a beautiful city with so much to do other than the stereotypical shenanigans it is known for. Here are some pictures from my weekend in Amsterdam!

P.S. I've been uploading a lot more frequently on my youtube channel now so you guys should definitely check it out.

Thanks for reading, hope everyone has a great week!


M O N T E C A R L O - Monaco (3/3)


Once upon on a time there was an extravagant place filled with every luxury you could possibly imagine. A place where Ferrari's and Rolls Royces were bountiful throughout the land. A place where 1 in every 3 people are millionaires. Nope, this isn't a fairy tale or a dream, this is Monaco. Considered to be the smallest country in the world (if you don't count The Vatican) located near the south of France alongside the Mediterranean.

I have always dreamed about one day visiting Monte Carlo, Monaco. I had read about its existence and seen pictures of it in the European magazines my grandma reads, but I couldn't believe it was an actual place. The port itself was unlike anything I have ever seen before docked only with gigantic yachts, the biggest in the world. Some larger than the size of a house. #Goals! Lets not forget about the roars of Lambo's and opulent sports cars you hear as they speed through the entire city. As if it couldn't get any better, high end stores, hotels, and the infamous Monte Carlo casino are right at your disposal. All of this in a picture perfect hillside coast with magnificent views and cotton candy sunsets.

If the bougie deep down of you isn't LIVING then why are you even in Monaco? Being there was so surreal and I felt like I was walking in a place my mind had made up. I hate to sound like a materialistic, lavish obsessed snob but I really enjoyed visiting Monaco and seeing how the top percentile of the world lived. It served as motivation to keep working hard because anything is truly obtainable. Everyone has different goals and often times we think they are too far of a reach and are only realistic in our dreams but being in Monaco reminded me that, that isn't always the case. If you can dream it you can achieve it!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and reading about my visit to Monaco. It really felt like a fictitious land but the fact that it wasn't and an actual place like Monaco exists really put things into perspective for me. On that note, remember to never give up because ANYTHING is possible.



London, UK

Photographed by: Wandy Ortiz

Photographed by: Wandy Ortiz

Photographed by: Wandy Ortiz

Photographed by: Wandy Ortiz


Cheers lads! Another trip means another article. I've been traveling so much lately and I absolutely love it. I have a constant wanderlust and being in Europe satisfies it because I get to travel somewhere new every weekend during my time off from school. At the beginning of September I returned to London after 2 years and my experience was everything and more. I fell in love the first time and knew I had to come back during my time abroad. Yes we visited some of the staples in London, but I was extra excited because I got to explore more than I did the first time. I went back to the London Eye because I am a sucker for a good view and my friends had never been before, and after visiting the other essentials like the Buckingham Palace and Big Ben (which is actually called the Elizabeth Tower) we had time to do some extra meandering.

On one of the days we started off with traditional English breakfast and tea at the iconic Dorchester Hotel. Everything was so exquisite and I felt so bougie with the grandiose table setting and food presentation. We continued the upscale shenanigans walking around the Kensington neighborhood and visiting all the high-end stores including Harrods and of course Burberry. The Burberry store in London was out of this world and made me wish I could buy the entire store. Later on we did some more walking around the picadilly, oxford & regent areas before making our way to Abbey Road. It took us a good 30-40 minutes to attempt the perfect Beatles photo amidst oncoming cars and tons of other tourists wanting to do the same. Our walk didn't even come out synchronized but it's still a decent photo haha! It was such a jam packed trip, which I'm really happy about because we got to do and see a lot. We ate some fish & chips, saw Shakespeares Globe Theater, took a boat tour down the Thames River, went clubbing, and even visited the King's Cross Station for our Harry Potter movie moment.

Overall, I had such a great time in London. It was just as amazing and gloomy as I remembered. Something about the weather makes me love it even more for some strange reason. I especially cherish the old English aesthetic yet very modern vibe the city has. London it's been real and you will have a special place in my heart even if I almost died 234028 times when crossing the street because of the opposite lanes and different driving side situation.


N I C E - South of France (2/3)



Hey guys I'm back with part 2 of my south of France journey. This time it's all about NICE! There are so many beautiful "Villes" in the south of France and Nice is one of those that I wanted to visit while being down there. Everyone kept expressing their concern over me wanting to go and kept asking if the situation was all right (regarding to the situation in Nice a couple of months back). What occurred was a tragedy, but that was months ago and I wasn't going to let that scare me from visiting.

From Cannes, we took a quick and inexpensive train ride to Nice. In total it was 20-30 minutes for about 5 euros,which was not bad at all. Once there, we all decided to walk around for a bit before heading towards the ocean. We passed by the many shops around, the water park, as well as Vieux-Nice which means old Nice. There were so many colorful buildings which was really great to see compared to Paris where they all seem to share color. We also had some Tapas at a restaurant near the ocean which was such a great idea. After all that walking it was a great relaxing break with an amazing vibe.

The highlight of my visit to Nice, however, was climbing to the top of Chateau de Nice and seeing the city from above. I can't even describe how amazing the view was. I really hope the pictures do it justice. There were two options to get to the top. The elevator or the stairs, which were both free, so we took advantage and went up via elevator and came down the stairs. We ended up spending a good hour at the top just admiring the views and the gorgeous water of the Cote d'Azur. Without a doubt, you bet I had to take some bomb pictures up at the top. I am literally that annoying friend that stops every 5 seconds in random spots to take pictures, snap, and vlog. I can't help it!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures above! There will be definitely be a vlog about my South of France adventures coming soon on youtube. Stay tuned! Until next time....



C A N N E S - South of France (1/3)

PC: Valerie belizaire

PC: Valerie belizaire

Pc: Valerie belizaire

Pc: Valerie belizaire

PC: valerie belizaire

PC: valerie belizaire


The real reason I have been in Europe, particularly in Paris, is because I am studying abroad for the semester! Surprise! Everything has been happening so quick. One minute my semester in NY ended, the next I'm working full time during my summer internship, and now I'm living in Europe fulfilling my dreams of being a temporary Parisian world traveler.

The way my class schedule is set up is fantastic because it gives us Friday off, turning the weekend conveniently into a 3-day one. This is perfect to take advantage and go on weekend trips to nearby cities/countries. You know me, taking advantage of every opportunity I can get is my specialty, so I was definitely going to be out and about each weekend. The first weekend after class had started, I decided to hit the South of France since it was early September and I didn't want to wait long before the temperature began to drop.

La Cote d'Azur has been on my bucket list for years and my first stop in the French Riviera was Cannes - The city most known for it's international film festival. Once in Cannes after a flight to Marseilles and a couple of buses/trains later, our day kicked off with the beach. Cannes is such small town everything is literally walking distance and our hotel - although not on Boulevard de La Croisette - was a quick 5 minute walk from the beach. Near the water there are tons of bougie private lounge areas where you can pay for beach chairs and umbrellas or grab a bite to eat. Naturally, us college students opted for the free public option and simply laid down on our towels in the sand instead.

Cannes' iconic Boulevard de La Croisette is great to meander and soak in the luxury of your surroundings. It was like a classier version of Ocean Drive in Miami filled with expensive cars, attractive people, high end shops, and of course hotels. After some aimless walking and staring at the things I wish I could own, we walked by the Port de Cannes to look at the yachts and water. The view was really nice and granted I had to take pictures by the rocks. Shout out to my friend Valerie Belizaire for the shots.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this first part out of 3 of my South of France adventure! I also visited Nice & Monaco so i'll be making a post about that as well soon.

Till next time!


Chateau de Versailles


Hey guys I'm in PARIS!! In case you didn't already know from my posts on Instagram, which very well means you guys need to follow me on there (sebascintron). I have to update you all on what has been happening and why I am in Paris. In the mean time, while I make a post about that, here are some photos from last week when I went to Chateau de Versailles.

This was my second time visiting the Palace of Versailles. My first being 2 years ago when I came to Paris for the first time with my family. Being back here again very much reminded me of the time I came with them and it still did not fail to excite me. There is definitely something grandiose about being inside and walking around the Palace where the Kings and Queens of France once lived.

Everything about this palace is insane! The gold detail that seemed to be on every single thing, the chandeliers and art pieces that hung in every room, and of course the Hall of Mirrors which is too tempting to not take a selfie in. If you went to Versailles and didn't take a selfie in the Hall of Mirrors did you really go to Versailles?! Not to mention the gardens behind the palace which go on for miles and miles with perfect precision gardening.

Hope you enjoyed the photos above. I really wanted to dress nice and formal to take bomb pictures for you guys at the one and only palace of Versailles, but the day was scorching hot to layer up. I'm really glad I did not wear a blazer like I was originally planning to, especially after walking through the gardens for what seemed like an eternity.  Either way, I was lowkey feeling myself walking through the corridors of the palace pretending as if I was someone royal HAHA!

Thanks for reading, will update more on my adventures in Paris soon!


Casual Theme Park Looks


Everyone knows that summer days call for casual attire. If the word summer itself doesn't scream shorts and a t-shirt then you need to get your seasons in check. I personally have always admired winter weather because of the fact that winter wear looks better visually and is more elegant. You'd assume a Miami native would prefer casual summer attire above anything but that isn't the case.

Last month, I was able to take a week off my internship for a family getaway to Orlando. I love my family and I do love going to the theme parks. If you've ever experienced theme parks in the summer you can agree that it's probably one of the worst times to go. All my fellow Floridian peeps definitely know that waiting in lines and walking all day under the scorching summer sun isn't the biz. Imagine wearing pants, sweaters, and coats....yeah...NO. This is why shorts and t-shirts are definitely the way to go.

Magic Kingdom is Disney World's largest park. I decided to keep as cool as possible with a white shirt that matched my shorts. Of course, I wore my Nike sneakers to ensure comfort for walking all day long. Shout out to my best friend Melissa for gifting me the shirt I was wearing for XMAS!


Pictured above is a cool goosebumps shirt I found when thrift shopping. I remember I found it and was ecstatic because goosebumps was one of my favorite shows when I was younger. Paired it with some simple beige shorts and a pair of black Ray Ban aviators.

At Universal Studios I was feeling a bit spacey... LOL see what I did there? I found a cool apartment stoop that reminded me of New York. I'm wearing a galaxy shirt from Urban Outfitters and some greyish almost marble look alike shorts with some simple snake pattern slip ons from ASOS.

Even though I was on the brink of melting, I still managed to pull some cool outfits for the hot days at the theme parks. I hope you noticed that it's possible to look trendy while staying comfortable, casual, and cool during a hot summer day.

Thank you for reading!



Fire(escape) Shades


At the beginning of summer I took a trip to LA. Some of you might remember from my pictures via Instagram and Snapchat (sebascintron). It was a lot of fun but one of the best parts of the trip was the apartment we stayed in. It was such a great location and my favorite thing about it was that it had a fire escape. It was giving me NYC vibes in LA but with better weather of course!

You guys know me and know that I like to pounce at every photo opportunity. Once I discovered the fire escape I immediately got a picture aesthetic vision in my head and at that moment I knew we had shoot it one of those days. I'm not even gonna lie to you guys, we took pictures here every single day. During sunset, at sunrise, and even before heading out for the day. I am ridiculous I know......(judge me). 

Either way, here are some shots from one of the days in which it literally looks like I shot a sunglasses campaign. The sun was set perfectly giving us a nice shimmering lighting aesthetic and of course the shades I was wearing were super cool. Safe to say I was definitely feeling myself!

Check out the incredible view we had from the fire escape. Hope you guys enjoyed these pictures, I promise I'm not this cool in real life. Just kidding, I think I'm pretty cool!

Spring Break Trip: LOS ANGELES

As you can tell by the title, this article is going to be about my spring break trip to Los Angeles, California! This wasn't any regular spring break trip, however, it was a plunge program with my school's campus ministry. When I first found out about the plunge program and the trips that they held I was very eager to participate and signed up immediately. It's wonderful that my school has this program for students to immerse themselves in Vincentian service and participate in a great cause.

During the trip we stayed in the Skid Row area of Downtown LA at the Cardinal Manning Center. CMC is a homeless shelter that offers a program for men to transition from living in the streets to finding their home.


We spent the week volunteering at multiple places such as: Maryvale, Hotel Dieu, The Hippie Kitchen, Meals on Wheels, and Midnight Mission, as well as connecting with members of the fellow Vincentian family.


Maryvale was the first orphanage in Los Angeles established by the Daughters of Charity. The organization takes care of orphaned, abused or neglected children. At Maryvale we played and had lunch with a group kids from the orphanage. It was great spending the afternoon playing basketball and just making sure the kids had a fun time.

Hotel Dieu is pretty much a senior citizens home that also doubles up as the Meals on Wheels headquarters in Los Angeles. Meals on Wheels is a nationwide organization that focuses on providing meals to those unable to make their own food or go and get it. What is great about Meals on Wheels is that no senior citizen has to worry about not being able to pay for their own meals because the fee ranges from free to no charge depending on what each person can contribute. At Hotel Dieu we played bingo with the senior citizen residents and helped out in the kitchen to prepare the meals for delivery. After the meals were ready, we were each split into route groups and sent off with a driver to go around Los Angeles delivering meals. 

The two days I participated in Meals on Wheels I probably knocked on 40-50 doors in the West Hollywood Area and about 35 close to the Downtown LA area as well. It was nice to see how appreciate the clients were when we knocked on their door to deliver the food. Some people were really happy to see us because for many the volunteers at Meals on Wheels are the only people they see throughout their day. This portion of our service trip kept reminding me of my grandma. Although, she is very healthy and productive it made me think that all those people have kids and grand kids as well and if they were my grandparents I'd want them to be properly taken care of just the way l'd want my grandma to be.

Another one of our days of service consisted in waking up at 5am to participate in The Midnight Mission of Los Angeles. Their mission is to help those that have lost everything regain their former life again. At the mission we worked during breakfast and we each had a spot behind the counter of the food line to serve the homeless that would be coming in to eat that morning. I was in charge of serving the pancakes and the syrup!

A really fun volunteer experience was working at the Catholic Worker's Hippie Kitchen in Skid Row! The Hippie Kitchen also known as Hospitality Kitchen is pretty much a soup kitchen were people volunteer their time to prepare home cooked meals for the homeless. What is great about the Hippie Kitchen is that it is free and it is opened to anyone who simply wants to get in the line. As a volunteer, I did a variety of tasks such as picking oranges, cutting vegetables, to stirring the extremely large pots they had. The vibes at the Hippie Kitchen were incredible! Everyone was so warm and friendly and they were so happy to have us be there volunteering. The kitchen is full of murals with great messages and they even have a beautiful garden outside in the back with bird cages and where those seeking a meal can sit down and enjoy their time there.


Furthermore, one thing I should mention is that we visited Homeboy Industries during our time there and took a tour of the facility. Homeboy industries is an organization that helps decrease gang activity and recidivism by providing support, tattoo removal, job training, as well as job placement to ex-gang members. It's wonderful to me that everyone there has been a gang member before and they are their because they want to change and better themselves. It's great that they use their enterprise to benefit and provide a mean of improvement to those who seek it. Definitely recommend checking out their Homegirl Cafe, and Homeboy Diner if anyone is ever in the Los Angeles area. The food is great, and it supports an incredible cause.

Overall, my spring break experience was amazing. It was my first time spending my spring break volunteering and I am completely glad that I did. It felt so great knowing that I was contributing my free time in a productive manner doing service to help the Los Angeles community. Not only that, but it also happened to be my birthday during the week. Los Angeles, to much surprise has a homeless population of around 44,000 people. It is insane to think that so many people are just living in the streets without a shelter. The trip was a very eye opening and humbling experience. I am also glad I had the opportunity to have gone with an amazing group of people who I had the opportunity to get to know throughout the week. Everyone on the trip showed true compassion and love of god with the people we helped and they each taught me something individually.

P.S shout out to my plunge group for surprising me the day of my birthday with a cake!

Thanks for reading!



Even though the holidays are over and I am a tad late on the Christmas blog post. I am writing one anyways because mentally I am still in holiday season mode.

Christmas time itself is just such a wonderful time. There is such a great spirit that fills the air and everyone seems to be in such a great and giving mood and it's honestly amazing. Now, Christmas time in New York City on the other hand, is a whole other spectrum on its own! There is just something magical about Christmas in New York! Growing up in Miami, the Christmas spirit did not feel as present and it was almost like people did not take it as serious either. Perhaps it was the 90 degree weather in December that just didn't make the vibes Christmas-y enough? It feels like summer year round in Miami. Moving to New York and getting to experience actual seasons and a cold December made Christmas time for me extra special.

Not only that, but the entire city seems to be in Christmas mode. From the weather, to the store front window displays, to the street decorations and so much more it's like New York doesn't let you forget that it's Christmas time. The picture above is from the inside of Macy's which felt like an absolute Christmas dream.

Here is a slide show with a few pictures of some of the Christmas decorations throughout the city.


Similarly to Macy's, stores like Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and countless others throughout the city had an array of incredible Christmas window displays. Walking around and seeing the Christmas vibes everywhere definitely made you feel happy and excited for the holiday season. Of course we cannot forget the Rockefeller Christmas tree and ice skating rink which are a New York City Christmas staple! Every year thousands of people gather each day to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree which definitely is a sight to see. You can also rent a pair of skates and skate under neath the famous tree!

Although Christmas is celebrated everywhere, there is just something special about Christmas time in New York City!

Here is a video I made that captures the NYC Christmas magic!

Thanks so much for reading. If you've ever experienced New York during the holiday seasons let me know what you think!