Suited up in Miami


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re pretty deep into January by now but I hope everyone had a great time during the holidays. I headed down to my hometown of Miami to spend some much needed family time. I always love going down there and trading the cold NYC temperatures for the warm sun. The past few times I’ve gone back home I’ve noticed how nice the Wynwood / Midtown Miami area has been getting. I’ve had the chance to explore the Miami Design District before, but lately they’ve added more stores and construction is still underway for more it seems. It really reminds me of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills except theres a few more streets with stores in Miami. When you’re going for a more polished sophisticated look in warm weather, a lighter colored suit is your best option. I love the color blue and this light baby blue suit exudes freshness and reminds me of the breezy air near the beach. I decided to wear a darker navy blue tie to add a little contrast to the ensemble. The watch im wearing is from Gelfand & Co and it has not left my wrist since I got it. My friends say I look like a real estate agent in these photos LOL! Thanks for reading hope the start of 2018 has been treating everyone well.