Even though the holidays are over and I am a tad late on the Christmas blog post. I am writing one anyways because mentally I am still in holiday season mode.

Christmas time itself is just such a wonderful time. There is such a great spirit that fills the air and everyone seems to be in such a great and giving mood and it's honestly amazing. Now, Christmas time in New York City on the other hand, is a whole other spectrum on its own! There is just something magical about Christmas in New York! Growing up in Miami, the Christmas spirit did not feel as present and it was almost like people did not take it as serious either. Perhaps it was the 90 degree weather in December that just didn't make the vibes Christmas-y enough? It feels like summer year round in Miami. Moving to New York and getting to experience actual seasons and a cold December made Christmas time for me extra special.

Not only that, but the entire city seems to be in Christmas mode. From the weather, to the store front window displays, to the street decorations and so much more it's like New York doesn't let you forget that it's Christmas time. The picture above is from the inside of Macy's which felt like an absolute Christmas dream.

Here is a slide show with a few pictures of some of the Christmas decorations throughout the city.


Similarly to Macy's, stores like Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and countless others throughout the city had an array of incredible Christmas window displays. Walking around and seeing the Christmas vibes everywhere definitely made you feel happy and excited for the holiday season. Of course we cannot forget the Rockefeller Christmas tree and ice skating rink which are a New York City Christmas staple! Every year thousands of people gather each day to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree which definitely is a sight to see. You can also rent a pair of skates and skate under neath the famous tree!

Although Christmas is celebrated everywhere, there is just something special about Christmas time in New York City!

Here is a video I made that captures the NYC Christmas magic!

Thanks so much for reading. If you've ever experienced New York during the holiday seasons let me know what you think!