Casual Theme Park Looks


Everyone knows that summer days call for casual attire. If the word summer itself doesn't scream shorts and a t-shirt then you need to get your seasons in check. I personally have always admired winter weather because of the fact that winter wear looks better visually and is more elegant. You'd assume a Miami native would prefer casual summer attire above anything but that isn't the case.

Last month, I was able to take a week off my internship for a family getaway to Orlando. I love my family and I do love going to the theme parks. If you've ever experienced theme parks in the summer you can agree that it's probably one of the worst times to go. All my fellow Floridian peeps definitely know that waiting in lines and walking all day under the scorching summer sun isn't the biz. Imagine wearing pants, sweaters, and coats....yeah...NO. This is why shorts and t-shirts are definitely the way to go.

Magic Kingdom is Disney World's largest park. I decided to keep as cool as possible with a white shirt that matched my shorts. Of course, I wore my Nike sneakers to ensure comfort for walking all day long. Shout out to my best friend Melissa for gifting me the shirt I was wearing for XMAS!


Pictured above is a cool goosebumps shirt I found when thrift shopping. I remember I found it and was ecstatic because goosebumps was one of my favorite shows when I was younger. Paired it with some simple beige shorts and a pair of black Ray Ban aviators.

At Universal Studios I was feeling a bit spacey... LOL see what I did there? I found a cool apartment stoop that reminded me of New York. I'm wearing a galaxy shirt from Urban Outfitters and some greyish almost marble look alike shorts with some simple snake pattern slip ons from ASOS.

Even though I was on the brink of melting, I still managed to pull some cool outfits for the hot days at the theme parks. I hope you noticed that it's possible to look trendy while staying comfortable, casual, and cool during a hot summer day.

Thank you for reading!