Fourth of July On Governors Island


Hey everyone! Hope you all had an amazing fourth of July holiday spent with friends and family. For me, this was my first fourth of July spending it in New York City and I really wasn't sure what I was going to be doing but I was still very excited. I ended up going to Governors Island for the first time to a festival my great friend Kirsten invited me to. If you know me you know I love a good music festival #festivalseason! We had to take a ferry from the financial district which was fun because the NYC skyline looked spectacular as we left Manhattan towards the Island. At the festival we got super lucky because we were located on a raised platform super close to the stage. It was so lit! You guys have no idea haha like our spot couldn't have been any better and the vibes were incredible. Tiesto was headlining so that was UNREAL, but we also saw Cheat Codes and some other Dj's that were great as well. As the afternoon progressed and turned into evening, fireworks began to light up the sky above the stage. It was like one of those iconic movie moments! Such a great time! Shoutout to my amazing friend Kirsten for the invite super thankful.