Helping Parents Search for Their New Vehicle!

As much fun as running around in dealerships and playing inside the cars in the showroom was when I was younger, I really disliked going with my parents to get new cars. Growing up I remember the few times we did have to go to the dealership and the crazy amount of time that would be spent there as my parents tried to figure everything out. Part of me felt cool being there with them and assisting with the car pick, however, I always got bored really quickly. This in turn, resulted in mischief and my falling asleep inside the display cars LOL. Fast forward several years and my parents are due for an upgrade.

Car shopping can be a bit stressful and rather than go through the tedious process, I have recommended Capital One's Auto Navigator system to help them with the task. With the Capital One Auto Navigator site you can see if you pre-qualify for auto financing, "test drive" your financing options, look at different term lengths, prices, vehicles, and more. What's cool is that they will be able to search through over 12,000 dealerships' inventory by make, model, price, and see an estimated monthly payment as well as the APR on the cars that they choose. All of this saving them time, energy, trips to the dealership, and it doesn’t even affect their credit score at all.  

Although I’m not heading over to dealerships with them anymore, I still feel cool and helpful telling them about this great tool that will aid them in their car search. My parents have assisted me with so much throughout my life and this is just the least I could do. Really looking forward to seeing their car selection and the next member of our family. If you or anyone you might know are ever on the search feel free to visit for more information and an effortless car shopping experience.

In partnership with Capital One, all opinions expressed, however, are my own.