Hey guys long time no talk! I know it's been a minute.. JK! A minute is an understatement of how long I have not updated you guys. The truth is, there has been so much going on lately. It's my first summer in NYC & between my regular job, internship, social life, and everything in between I feel like I have not stopped. There is so much I need to catch up on and I definitely will over time.

For now, I need to fill you all in on my lastest Men's fashion week shenanigans. Can you believe this was my 4th season attending? It baffles me sometimes when I think about it. Each season always brings something new and excited to the table and it's great to see how it differentiates from the last.

Day 1:

I couldn't attend the first official day because I had an important day at my internship and could not miss. So my day 1 was technically day 2 of men's week but I know you guys get it. For my outfit choice, I decided to pay homage to one my faves, King Kylie! I felt like the shirt from her Kylie Pop Up Shop that my best friend Katryna got me for my birthday deserved a day out. I decided to dress it up a bit with some smart cropped pants and black dress shoes but at the same time I felt like I needed an extra layer. It was too hot to wear a jacket so the denim buttoned down worked just fine. Pictured below are shots from the Death To Tennis presentation and Patrik Ervell show. The Death To Tennis presentation was definitely a concept considering all the models had their phones and were live steaming and taking selfies of themselves as the audience took pictures of them. Later that night, there was a Carlos Campos after party at The Jimmy at The James Hotel, but it was a flop if we are being honest. The location was great and the DJ was spinning Hispanic music which I LOVE, but there was no air conditioning, no drinks & the party itself could have been better. My friends and I ended up going to The Standard to end our night. Nothing too crazy, because I had to wake up early for the next days events.

Day 2:

My day 2 but the 3rd day of Men's Week was probably my favorite of the entire week. The weather was ridiculous which is why most of my shirt was unbuttoned but I was definitely feeling myself & my outfit either way. I going for a preppy European summer vibe with the striped shirt, rolled up beige pants, and penny loafers. After a presentation at the Cadillac House some fellow blogger, photographer friends, and I caught up over some lunch at Westville. If you've ever attended NYFW you're familiar with Westville because it's literally right across the street from where most of the shows take place. Later that day I attended the Ovadia & Sons show, and if you're wondering if I had an invite to that one, I didn't, but you know I finessed it LOL. The Ovadia brothers always kill it and I was not about to miss out. That night there was a Parke & Ronen After Party at Gilded Lily and I knew I couldn't miss that either. I was looking forward to it all day especially because Gilded Lily is a "poppin" club and if a fashion week after party is held there you already know it's going to be a good time. I wasn't wrong. It was a blast and the fact most of my friends were present as well made it even better. This party 100% made up for the mess that was the night before LOL.

Day 3: 

Ok so day 3 was probably the busiest day of week. It was the last day and everyone always wants to make it count. I started off with the Raun Larose presentation. There was a black transparent jacket that really caught everyone’s attention and it definitely caught my eye as well. For this day I decided to be a bit more casual yet trendy and wear a DHL shirt. I wore it with some cropped pants and Adidas Stan Smiths. After that we headed over to a swim suit brand that I honestly forgot the name of. Regardless it encouraged me to start hitting the gym more often. Next, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a nearby deli because we literally had NO time and we needed to get to the next location ASAP. I even had an outfit change in between. LOL. I changed into some fire sweatpants and a silk white t shirt. I layered up with an aluminum-like rain jacket which served it’s purpose because at this time it started to drizzle. I’m usually never that person but sometimes you just have to step outside your comfort zone and try new things right? We arrived at the Theory presentation and I was definitely the most extra person in the room compared to everyone else. I got some looks here and there but a lot of people told me my fit was fire hahah. Afterwards, we headed to the Dream Hotel to catch the Grungy Gentlemen show. Following that, we rushed back to Skylight for the C2H4 show. It was a packed house but the show was great and had a intergalactic space theme to it. The collection was called Zero Gravity which definitely reflected the clothing vibe. To close out the night we headed to the Rochambeau presentation at The Cadillac House which turned out to be more of a party than an actual presentation. All of the models were basically just turning up and dancing to the music that was playing. It was a really great time, the music was “lit”, and there was even a performance by Yung Jake. If you have me on snapchat I’m sure you saw what went down. 

Cheers to another great season. Can't wait for September!  

Thanks for reading!  

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New York Fashion Week Mens Essentials: What to Pack


Ah! NYFW season is finally here and the Mens shows for Fall/Winter 2017 have officially begun. After spending some time at home and studying abroad it feels great to be back in New York and just in time for my third season of NYFW. Although I am definitely not an expert, there are a few things I know you have to keep in mind when packing for NYFW and attending the shows.

One thing is certain and we can all agree that clothes are an obvious requirement, but during this freezing time of year you need a nice warm coat. It's kind of a struggle, I know... because everyone wants to dress to impress but then they have to bundle up for the weather and as a result, nobody really sees what's underneath. Find yourself a coat you can make a statement in or have fun with some scarves. Let's be real, everyone wants to get photographed entering and leaving the shows.

Depending on personal preference, you might want to bring a camera along with you. Sure some people might have their personal photographers with them and others make do with their iPhone, but if you want your own HQ photos just bring a camera. Besides, we all know battery life can be an issue.

Also, there is no way you are going to NYFW without posting something on social media are you kidding!? If you're like me and you're constantly on the phone and an oversharer you definitely understand the struggle. You NEED an external battery pack for jammed packed days of running around the city catching the next show or after party. Good thing you can find them for the low on Ebay or Amazon. You're Welcome.

With busy days and enticing after parties, the chances of you getting a good nights sleep during NYFW is slim to none. That's why you need some shades. Have an extra early show and regret staying out too late the night before? You need some shades! Find a great pair so you can step out of the Uber and confidently step into Skylight Clarkson Square like last night didn't happen.

Now with so many exciting things happening all at once and all the cool people you are bound to meet everywhere, you cannot forget business cards. Everyone is on the go with places to be and sometimes giving someone a cool card is easier than exchanging information over loud music and clatter. Chances are they probably have some too. Woohoo, Networking!

Last but not least, you need a place to carry everything right? Yes, women might have purses and large bags but men can never go wrong with a nice leather backpack. Depending on your outfit you can even bring a small weekender bag or a briefcase. Whatever your carrying methods might be, you won't regret having a place to put all of your essentials.

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NYFW F/W 2016 MENS Nutshell + Video Vlog

New York Fashion Week: MENS

The first week of February started off with Mens week for its second ever participation in New York Fashion Week. I think it's fantastic that Men can now feel represented during NYFW after so many years of having just women shows. 

Dockers Party

The week was kicked off by a Docker's party in celebration of their 30th Anniversary. Crazy to think that Docker's has been around for that long now. The party definitely gave off some throwback vibes especially with the candies and snacks from the 80's that were being passed around going perfectly with the 80's themed festivities.

Of course I am wearing some classic dockers khakis to go with the occasion & I am layering up to beat the winter weather. 

Of course I am wearing some classic dockers khakis to go with the occasion & I am layering up to beat the winter weather. 

A few of the guests in attendence included: Tyson Beckford, America's Next Top Model's Nyle Dimarco, Colton Haynes, Eric Decker, and Victor Cruz among several others. 


Outside of Skylight Clarkson Square one of the main venues for NYFM. 

photo courtesy of Adam Lehrer

photo courtesy of Adam Lehrer

Rochambeau by Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper, was my first show of the season. I have to say I was impressed with the collection and with the whole environment from the moment I walked into the room. The ambiance gave off 90's hiphop house party vibes and I was completely digging it. The lighting, DJ battle, and fog machine were definitely doing the trick.

The collection itself portrayed it too, with the oversized hoodies, track pants, and other sportswear. Although it is very clean and minimal, I like the layering and the fact that there are some cool bold color pops here and there among the browns and beiges.

Is orange the new black? Many designers have jumped on the trend implementing a dash of orange in their collection and Rochambeau did not get left out as we can notice the pop of color with a few of their pieces as well.

With fellow photographer & blogger friends at the Rochambeau show

With fellow photographer & blogger friends at the Rochambeau show

Whether it was the all white Nike Air Force 1's, or the Juice movie reminiscence street style and music, the Rochambeau show was truly entertaining and it made me feel like I was transported back to the 90's. 

These are a few highlights from mens week during New York Fashion Week. It is always such a great time and experience. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the season for more on New York Fashion Week especially when the women's shows start happening. Pictured above you can see my "grout-fit" paired with some all white sneakers. It been really cold lately so I am layering up with a Ralph Lauren turtleneck zipped sweater, Calvin Klein blazer, and a wool double breasted over coat from Gap. 




NYFW F/W 2016 WOMENS Nutshell + Vlog

Goodbye mens week, hello women's! Fashion week is always great, attending different events and parties and meeting different interesting people, each year it just gets better and better. Here I assembled all of the shenanigans during the women's week portion of NYFW.  If you read my previous post, you can check out some of what went down during the mens portion but now it is time for the women's wrap up. 


My week began with the John Paul Ataker runway show at Pier 59 studios. The entire collection comprised of evening formal red carpet type gowns. 

At the show with two of my friends Emma & Julia

At the show with two of my friends Emma & Julia

Opening Ceremony

Peep Charlie XcX, and Jaden Smith sitting in in front of us

Peep Charlie XcX, and Jaden Smith sitting in in front of us

Followed by Opening Ceremony which was absolutely out of this world! We were taken on an intergalactic journey with the collection and atmosphere of the show. Every detail from the large inflatable flying saucers hanging above, to the lighting, and futuristic music made us feel like we were in another planet. The clothing was very minimal with an edgy sophisticated futuristic touch. Although not pictured, Opening Ceremony utilized the color orange in many of their pieces to make a statement similar to several other designers of the week. I guess Orange really is the new black this season!

I was definitely feeling myself that night, trying to be a bit futuristic with my outfit pairing a long white tee under a hoodie and overcoat. I had a blast taking pictures on the inflatables as you can tell from above. Overall, the show just reminded me of the movie Zenon from Disney Channel about the girl that lived in space. ZEETUS LEPETUS!


After the show, it's party time! I didn't attend the Opening Ceremony after party because I was invited to the Jonathan Simkhai one and after having attended his in September, I really did not want to miss out on this one. He throws great parties & I knew more people that were going to his anyway.

The party was a blast! It was held at the notorious Up/Down club and was sponsored by Maybelline. There was a photo booth and since it was Valentine's Day they had cool v-day themed props. The music was great and at one point throughout the night, Charlie XCX showed up and took over the DJ booth to sing a few of her hits. I made my BFA debut as you can see above with Charlie XCX and Jonathan Simkhai.

If you know me, you know I love taking pictures so naturally my friends and I had to raid the photo booth! I love it when parties have photo booths because it is always a blast and it gives you a memory to take home and look back on.

I did it! I survived my second season of NYFW! I couldn't go to every show that I managed to get invited to because school was a factor and I could not miss class. Regardless, I cannot complain I had so much fun attending the events I did and catching up with friends and making some new ones. That's a wrap guys! Till next time or should I say next season?!