Gloomy Brooklyn Vibes

I still remember that day we met in December...

My good friend Ashley and I explored the Brooklyn Bridge park area back in December and I can't believe I've taken this long to post these pictures. It's really gloomy and foggy today in New York and it reminded me of that gloomy day back in Brooklyn. These pictures are from the beginning of December when it was starting to get cold but not all the way so I was able to just wear a sweater. When walking around we discovered a cool restaurant that sits by the edge of the water and has magnificent views of the Brooklyn Bridge andManhattan skyline.

The entrance of the restaurant is nicely adorned with twinkling lights in its shrubbery and trees. Instantly sparked with a vision we began to just shoot in front of the entrance. I feel like I constantly get visions and ideas of potential blog posts or picture shooting vibes everywhere I go. It's something just that comes to me and pops instantly when I see something I like and can spot potential in. Anyways, I really like how the pictures came out, my friend Ashley is really talented. The background is a bit blurry giving the twinkling lights a bokeh effect and it just looks really dope.

Ashley has a blog of her own called NotHaute. ( Her instagram is: ashley.yu