Yup you read right. SUSHIRITTO! Meaning sushi + burrito put together basically a giant Sushi roll the size of a burrito. Before you start to wonder how in the world such thing could exist, the answer is quite simple. Uma Temakeria, the glorious location where you can get yourself this heavenly creation. If you are like me and love sushi but also cherish burritos and you are always stuck between the two, there is finally a solution! No more having to debate whether you should get Japanese or go for Mexican because you can have both.

I had been salivating over the idea for quite some time ever since a friend told me about it. Looking through pictures on Instagram was painful until finally, this past weekend my friends and I went over to try it. The concept was simple and similar to Chipotle except you were creating a sushi roll. You choose a type of rice (white or brown), protein (variety of raw fish), vegetables, toppings, and sauces. I went with the white rice, salmon, tuna, carrots, cucumbers, red peppers, spicy mayo, and eel sauces all for about $11. Trust me its worth it. However, just like chipotle, "avocado is extra," and being the bargain savvy college student that I am I decided to opt out.

Either way, I had a phenomenal experience. I truly enjoyed every single bite and of course, the Instagram-worthy opportunity. If you happen to be in New York, check it out at 7th ave & 14th st.