Ice cream spotlight: 10below

This spotlight is on the not so hidden Chinatown gem, 10Below ice cream. When I first came across pictures of rolled up heaven on Instagram, it was evident that I needed to try it myself and I'm sure glad that I did.

Inspired by ice cream in Thailand, 10Below offers made-to-order ice cream that is fresh and provides a unique experience. The way it works is quite simple. They begin by simply pouring liquid cream over a freezing plate which eventually turns into ice cream only within a few minutes. Then each individual ice cream is rolled before your eyes and voila you have your ice cream in its purest form right off the plate. This is the part where you want to take your phone out and snapchat the moment so you can post it on your story.

There is only one size which costs $7 but for the price you can pick any flavor you want, add ingredients to be mixed in, and indulge in unlimited toppings. I really like this idea because it makes ordering easier and quick. After all, 10Below attracts crowds that can cause a 15-25 minute wait depending on the day and time. Either way it's a really cool concept and it was fun seeing ice cream be prepared in front of me. If you are looking for something cool and different, have friends visiting from out of town, or just want an opportunity for a trendy Instagram picture, this is definitely the place to come to.