Global Citizens Festival!

Music. Central Park. Do I have to say more? Not really but I will anyways. I'm posting this about a month later than I should've but midterms have been taking over and its been hard to keep up with everything. 

Global Citizens is a musical festival held in NYC every year and hosts special performers to benefit the great cause of ending poverty and other problems world wide. What's cool about global citizens festival is that its a ticket event, however, not anyone can just buy the tickets. As a matter of fact, the whole point is that you don't have to buy them. It's technically a free event but in order for you to obtain tickets you have to do "missions" or good deeds. Anything from community service, to sending emails, or making phone calls to prime ministers and world wide leaders count. Finally, after achieving points for doing these missions you get placed into a lottery to receive tickets.

I was actually able to win 4 tickets because of the many missions I completed and decided to bring my roommates and my best friend from back home. We were super excited because Beyonce and Cold Play were part of the lineup along with a few other artists. We decided to arrive an hour before the gates actually opened thinking we'd get a decent spot, however, once arriving to Central Park we realized it was crazy because there were people who had been camping out for days. Beyonce fans go hard! Haha, once they opened the gates and inside we managed to get a decent spot on the grass way better than what we had expected.

WOW. Beyond is such an incredible performer. I was completely blown away by her ability to kill it on the stage. It's actually kind of scary how good of a performer she is. Let's not forget about the graphics, lights, stage set up, and back up dancers that definitely helped in bringing everything together.


Overall, it was such an amazing experience except for the $8 chicken chipotle wrap which i regret consuming.

I love music and I love festivals! To me it gave me some coachella vibes in the middle of the city with much greener scenery, of course. Seeing Cold Play perform gave me goosebumps because I realized how blessed I am to be able to see the live in the iconic Central Park in none other than NYC! The fact I live her now definitely kicked in and made me super appreciative. If any of you have been to Global Citizens or any other music festival comment below and tell me about your experience :D