City Evenings: The Met / The plaza Hotel


Hello Upper East Siders, it's me Sebastian giving you the inside scoop on what went down on a chilly Saturday evening in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. A couple of young creative individuals climbing the infamous Met steps looking to explore the museum at nighttime. Myself included perused around the intricacy of the museum stopping at the exhibits we found most interesting. At one point, we each made coin wishes at the Egyptian exhibit's reflection pool reminiscing Hilary Duff's trevi fountain scene from her movie in Rome. Everyone needs their Lizzie Mcguire movie moment right?

My partners in crime for the evening and I continued gallivanting through the museum occasionally pausing to admire pieces but mostly to take pictures like the ones below.

Here is my friend Reza who is also a blogger ( channeling her inner Blair Waldorf. It's actually funny how much she resembles her appearance wise. So much that we kept calling her Blair Waldorf throughout the night just because. Igee Okafor, a men's fashion enthusiast is also pictured above admiring art work with Reza and happens to be a blogger as well ( Be sure to check them both out and their awesome blogs!


After the museum, we carried over to one of Manhattan Classics, The Plaza Hotel. Pictured above is the entrance/lobby area with a large chandelier that looks super fun to swing from haha! The attention to detail this hotel has is incredible. Although the hotel has been around for a really long time, it still manages to captivate anyone that walks passed its golden revolving doors. From the elegance and poise of the display and chandelier to the gold accents on the walls and ceilings, it all gives you a sense of vintage antique nostalgia. 

*Fun Fact* The Movies Home Alone and Bride Wars were both filmed in this exact hotel!

Ah, the iconic Palm Court! Located in the center of the hotel just passed the main entrance with the chandeliers. The picture above basically sums up why the restaurant/lounge's name is the Palm Court.  The trees and stained glass ceiling give you the impression that you are in a tropical garden and I am all here for it. It's the perfect ambiance for a professional business meeting, a night out for cocktails, and perhaps afternoon tea. Scone anyone?

Just leaving this picture of me here as I have my Suite Life of Zack & Cody moment! Shout out to all the millennials who will understand my Disney Channel references.

Until next time y'all!