Panorama Music Festival - NYC


Just when I thought Governors Ball was going to be the only music festival I attended this summer, HP came through with Panorama Music festival passes. Being that this is the first summer I spend in New York I have been so excited about all of the festivals and happenings around town throughout the summer and I'm glad I got the opportunity to go this one as well. One of my favorite things about music festivals other than the music of course, are the vibes. If you've ever been to a music festival you know exactly what I am talking about. There is just a certain vibe that festivals have and it is such an amazing feeling. Another thing I love is getting to dress in festival attire. Sometimes the attire can vary by festival but overall, you can't go wrong with a laid back, chill, fun, outfit. I had this cool tie-dye shirt laying around and Panorama was the perfect time to let it shine. The bandana I'm wearing that says "Thriving," which by the way is exactly how I was feeling, was custom made at one of the HP tents. The cool thing about Panorama Music Festival and the fact they are sponsored by HP is that they don't just have musical performances and food trucks, they also have awesome technology installations throughout. One of the tents allowed festival goers to make their own custom bandanas and take cool photo booth pictures. This day I saw MGMT, Tyler The Creator, Solange Knowles, and Frank Ocean perform for the first time. It was such a fun day and I'm super grateful for the opportunity.


Hey guys long time no talk! I know it's been a minute.. JK! A minute is an understatement of how long I have not updated you guys. The truth is, there has been so much going on lately. It's my first summer in NYC & between my regular job, internship, social life, and everything in between I feel like I have not stopped. There is so much I need to catch up on and I definitely will over time.

For now, I need to fill you all in on my lastest Men's fashion week shenanigans. Can you believe this was my 4th season attending? It baffles me sometimes when I think about it. Each season always brings something new and excited to the table and it's great to see how it differentiates from the last.

Day 1:

I couldn't attend the first official day because I had an important day at my internship and could not miss. So my day 1 was technically day 2 of men's week but I know you guys get it. For my outfit choice, I decided to pay homage to one my faves, King Kylie! I felt like the shirt from her Kylie Pop Up Shop that my best friend Katryna got me for my birthday deserved a day out. I decided to dress it up a bit with some smart cropped pants and black dress shoes but at the same time I felt like I needed an extra layer. It was too hot to wear a jacket so the denim buttoned down worked just fine. Pictured below are shots from the Death To Tennis presentation and Patrik Ervell show. The Death To Tennis presentation was definitely a concept considering all the models had their phones and were live steaming and taking selfies of themselves as the audience took pictures of them. Later that night, there was a Carlos Campos after party at The Jimmy at The James Hotel, but it was a flop if we are being honest. The location was great and the DJ was spinning Hispanic music which I LOVE, but there was no air conditioning, no drinks & the party itself could have been better. My friends and I ended up going to The Standard to end our night. Nothing too crazy, because I had to wake up early for the next days events.

Day 2:

My day 2 but the 3rd day of Men's Week was probably my favorite of the entire week. The weather was ridiculous which is why most of my shirt was unbuttoned but I was definitely feeling myself & my outfit either way. I going for a preppy European summer vibe with the striped shirt, rolled up beige pants, and penny loafers. After a presentation at the Cadillac House some fellow blogger, photographer friends, and I caught up over some lunch at Westville. If you've ever attended NYFW you're familiar with Westville because it's literally right across the street from where most of the shows take place. Later that day I attended the Ovadia & Sons show, and if you're wondering if I had an invite to that one, I didn't, but you know I finessed it LOL. The Ovadia brothers always kill it and I was not about to miss out. That night there was a Parke & Ronen After Party at Gilded Lily and I knew I couldn't miss that either. I was looking forward to it all day especially because Gilded Lily is a "poppin" club and if a fashion week after party is held there you already know it's going to be a good time. I wasn't wrong. It was a blast and the fact most of my friends were present as well made it even better. This party 100% made up for the mess that was the night before LOL.

Day 3: 

Ok so day 3 was probably the busiest day of week. It was the last day and everyone always wants to make it count. I started off with the Raun Larose presentation. There was a black transparent jacket that really caught everyone’s attention and it definitely caught my eye as well. For this day I decided to be a bit more casual yet trendy and wear a DHL shirt. I wore it with some cropped pants and Adidas Stan Smiths. After that we headed over to a swim suit brand that I honestly forgot the name of. Regardless it encouraged me to start hitting the gym more often. Next, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a nearby deli because we literally had NO time and we needed to get to the next location ASAP. I even had an outfit change in between. LOL. I changed into some fire sweatpants and a silk white t shirt. I layered up with an aluminum-like rain jacket which served it’s purpose because at this time it started to drizzle. I’m usually never that person but sometimes you just have to step outside your comfort zone and try new things right? We arrived at the Theory presentation and I was definitely the most extra person in the room compared to everyone else. I got some looks here and there but a lot of people told me my fit was fire hahah. Afterwards, we headed to the Dream Hotel to catch the Grungy Gentlemen show. Following that, we rushed back to Skylight for the C2H4 show. It was a packed house but the show was great and had a intergalactic space theme to it. The collection was called Zero Gravity which definitely reflected the clothing vibe. To close out the night we headed to the Rochambeau presentation at The Cadillac House which turned out to be more of a party than an actual presentation. All of the models were basically just turning up and dancing to the music that was playing. It was a really great time, the music was “lit”, and there was even a performance by Yung Jake. If you have me on snapchat I’m sure you saw what went down. 

Cheers to another great season. Can't wait for September!  

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Fourth of July On Governors Island


Hey everyone! Hope you all had an amazing fourth of July holiday spent with friends and family. For me, this was my first fourth of July spending it in New York City and I really wasn't sure what I was going to be doing but I was still very excited. I ended up going to Governors Island for the first time to a festival my great friend Kirsten invited me to. If you know me you know I love a good music festival #festivalseason! We had to take a ferry from the financial district which was fun because the NYC skyline looked spectacular as we left Manhattan towards the Island. At the festival we got super lucky because we were located on a raised platform super close to the stage. It was so lit! You guys have no idea haha like our spot couldn't have been any better and the vibes were incredible. Tiesto was headlining so that was UNREAL, but we also saw Cheat Codes and some other Dj's that were great as well. As the afternoon progressed and turned into evening, fireworks began to light up the sky above the stage. It was like one of those iconic movie moments! Such a great time! Shoutout to my amazing friend Kirsten for the invite super thankful. 

Governors Ball Music Festival


Ah.... Governor's Ball. No clue why they call it Governor's Ball considering it's held on Randall's Island and not Governor's Island. Either way, if you are familiar you know it's basically the Coachella of the East coast. For many New Yorkers and people of the North East in general - who couldn't make it out west for Coachella- this is basically it. I was super stoked to be going to Gov Ball precisely because I couldn't go to Coachella this year and was lacking a recent music festival experience. It was my first time attending the ball and my first time going to a music festival with artist passes. I have to say that the artist passes really came in clutch. As you can tell from the pictures, I had a great perspective during sets and had the chance to see the performances up close. Some of my favorites were Mac Demarco, Franz Ferdinand, and Wiz Khalifa. We had access to the artist village area backstage and I got to meet Logic which was pretty cool. I absolutely love music festivals and had a blast during my first Governors Ball. Hoping I get to go again next year ;) 

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Life Moves Pretty Fast - Searching for Wheels Journey

Time goes by so fast! It's literally almost scary to think about how quickly life is moving. I feel like it was just the other day I started this blog and graduated high school. I mean it wasn't that long ago, but at the same time I never expected to be here in this moment this fast. I also remember what it was like waiting what seemed like an eternity to turn 15 and take my permit test. Not only that, but also having to wait until I was 16 to receive my actual driver's license.

When I found out I was moving to New York for college, my dreams of driving my own car were crushed because I knew that living in New York meant a car wasn't really necessary. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love living here, but I miss the feeling of being able to drive myself anywhere whenever I want and not have to rely on public transportation.

As time rushes by, college graduation is quickly approaching and I actually can't believe I'm saying that LOL! The thought of jumping into the real world and having to figure out my future already begins to stress me out. Of course, it's exciting but there are so many things I have to start thinking about and you know life isn't easy. One of those things is the place I will reside after graduation and my method of transportation. Car shopping can be quite stressful, especially having to think about financing fresh out of college.

Luckily, Capital One's Auto Navigator site has been making my future car buying experience a breeze! With the Capital One Auto Navigator site you can see if you pre-qualify for auto financing, "test drive" your financing options, look at different term lengths, prices, vehicles, and more. What's cool is that you can search through over 12,000 dealerships' inventory by make, model, price, and see an estimated monthly payment as well as APR on the cars that you choose. You save time, energy, and it doesn't affect your credit score.

Even though life after college is quickly approaching, I feel better about having to do things on my own and have some weight of my shoulders thanks to the Capital One Auto Navigator site. I really can't wait to finally be driving my own car! If you are ever on the search feel free to visit for more information and a simple car shopping experience.

In partnership with Capital One all opinions expressed, however, are my own.



To be honest, I've actually had multiple blizzards before...the Oreo ones from Dairy Queen that is. The delicious ice cream so cold that the worker behind the counter flips it upside down before they hand it to you just so you can see how cold it is. Although I love Dairy Queen's blizzards, those aren't the ones I'm referring to.

Moving to New York, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to avoid the harsh winters and *ahem* snow. Growing up in a tropical climate like Miami, winter was a foreign topic for us. When news broke out that a blizzard was coming to the North East I was pretty excited. Most of my friends who are blizzard veterans kept telling me not to be because it wasn't all that and that I would hate it soon enough.


The day came and regardless, I was excited that there was actual snow falling from the sky. It was an entirely new concept to me and I decided to go outside and play with it. After taking countless pictures and, of course, snapchats (sebascintron) for my family and friends back home I went back to my dorm room and hibernated the rest of the day. The snow was fun for like 5 minutes and then it was annoying because it kept hitting my face and melting instantly. Not just that, but trekking through the snow was extremely difficult especially since I was unprepared and did not wear snow boots. 

One of the perks of having a blizzard and over 3ft of snow was the fact school was getting cancelled for the day. To take advantage of the situation I decided to head over to Central Park and make the most of the snow day. Let me just say that the blizzard turned Central Park into a literal winter wonderland! Everything was so white and so clean it was incredible seeing everything completely covered with snow. It was a nice moment of realization for me soaking in the fact that I live in New York now and I'm able to experience the beauty of a snowy Central Park! Walking around just admiring the picturesque scenery was great.

Here are some photos I took of the park:

In addition, I filmed a vlog about my whole Central Park experience! Watch it here & don't forget to comment, like, & subscribe!

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2015 Victoria Secret After Party

After the party....IS THE AFTER PARTY! The once-a-year only Victoria Secret Fashion show success definitely deserved celebration! You'd have to be practically living under a rock to miss out on the angels walking the runway in this televised event. The 2015 after party was held at the infamous restaurant/nightclub TAO Downtown. Most certainly the hottest night of the year with all the beauty that filled the room. It was actually quite overwhelming considering it isn't every day that you get to party in one of Manhattan's elite clubs with not just models, but VICTORIA SECRET MODELS. GOALS!

Although, it would have been cool to see the models with their wings at the after party, I'm sure no one was trying to get knocked over to the ground at the club. Nonetheless, the party was phenomenal filled with scrumptious hors d'oeurves passed around and jams from DJ QuestLove on deck. As the night progressed, we quickly found ourselves sharing the couch with none other than Lais Ribiero, Romee Strijd, & Sara Sampaio just to name a few. All who were extremely nice and social with everyone congratulating them.

Other than the models themselves, Leonardo DiCaprio, Austin Mahone, Darren Chris, and Cuba Gooding Jr. were among the many celebrities spotted. Everyone seemed to have had a great time, and of course I most definitely did as well! It was everything and more, it was above and beyond and definitely a bucket list goal crossed off.

Here are some pictures from the party! Literally surrounded by angels you could most definitely say I was blessed.

Global Citizens Festival!

Music. Central Park. Do I have to say more? Not really but I will anyways. I'm posting this about a month later than I should've but midterms have been taking over and its been hard to keep up with everything. 

Global Citizens is a musical festival held in NYC every year and hosts special performers to benefit the great cause of ending poverty and other problems world wide. What's cool about global citizens festival is that its a ticket event, however, not anyone can just buy the tickets. As a matter of fact, the whole point is that you don't have to buy them. It's technically a free event but in order for you to obtain tickets you have to do "missions" or good deeds. Anything from community service, to sending emails, or making phone calls to prime ministers and world wide leaders count. Finally, after achieving points for doing these missions you get placed into a lottery to receive tickets.

I was actually able to win 4 tickets because of the many missions I completed and decided to bring my roommates and my best friend from back home. We were super excited because Beyonce and Cold Play were part of the lineup along with a few other artists. We decided to arrive an hour before the gates actually opened thinking we'd get a decent spot, however, once arriving to Central Park we realized it was crazy because there were people who had been camping out for days. Beyonce fans go hard! Haha, once they opened the gates and inside we managed to get a decent spot on the grass way better than what we had expected.

WOW. Beyond is such an incredible performer. I was completely blown away by her ability to kill it on the stage. It's actually kind of scary how good of a performer she is. Let's not forget about the graphics, lights, stage set up, and back up dancers that definitely helped in bringing everything together.


Overall, it was such an amazing experience except for the $8 chicken chipotle wrap which i regret consuming.

I love music and I love festivals! To me it gave me some coachella vibes in the middle of the city with much greener scenery, of course. Seeing Cold Play perform gave me goosebumps because I realized how blessed I am to be able to see the live in the iconic Central Park in none other than NYC! The fact I live her now definitely kicked in and made me super appreciative. If any of you have been to Global Citizens or any other music festival comment below and tell me about your experience :D